We all know how much teenagers are in love with these new and amazing 360 camera booth. Since teenagers always want to maintain a perfect social media account, they always want perfect and unique pictures and videos for their accounts. Hence, every teenager is looking for a good quality 360 photo booth for sale.

However, a good quality 360 photo booth at a reasonable price is not easily available in markets. It is because a 360 photo booth is very different than other normal photo booths. It is the most popular and modern version of regular photo booths. Hence, 360 photo booths are in huge demand right now. 

There are a lot of types of photo booths. But a 360 photo booth is very unique from the other types. Hence, 360 photo booth for sale is not easy to find.

Types of photo booths

  1. 360 photo booths: A 360 photo booth is the most attractive type of photo booth. With this photo booth, one can click 360 degrees videos and photos. Thus, the pictures and videos click with the help of this photo booth are very unique and cool.

With a 360 photo booth, one can click pictures and videos from different angles as well. If you want to click a picture from a low angle and another one from a high angle, you can easily do that with a 360 photo booth.

Hence, one should look for a 360 photo booth for sale.

  • Open-air photo booths: Just like a 360 photo booth, an open-air photo booth is also a very popular type of photo booth. The unique thing about this photo booth is it does not have a booth at all!

All an open-air photo booth consists of is a camera. This camera is installed on a tripod or put on a table. There is no stage or backdrop in this type of photo booth. However, one can create a customized backdrop if one wishes to.

The benefit of an open-air photo booth is that you can click spontaneous pictures and videos with the camera. Since there is no stage required, you do not need to be in a specific place to click photos from this type of photo booth.

  • An old-school photo booth: As the name suggests, an old-school photo booth is something we all are familiar with. This type of photo booth is usually found in malls, movie theatres, and fairs. 

You might have also seen this type of photo booth in some old movies. In an old-school photo booth, there is a Polaroid camera installed on a tripod. There is some fun backdrop as well. 

People stand in front of the camera and change poses while the camera automatically clicks their photos. Once the camera is done clicking photos, they get printed in a series of Polaroids.

One can also get multiple copies of these pictures.

  • A green screen photo booth: As the name suggests, a green screen photo booth has a green screen instead of a backdrop. With the help of a green screen photo booth, one can click creative and fun photos and videos.

By Richard