Queen Alba is not your average royalty. Instead of sitting back and enjoying royal duties all day, Queen Alba has ventured into an unconventional part-time job that has got everyone talking. What could the queen possibly be doing in her free time? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Queen Alba (퀸알바)part-time job and find out her reasons for doing it.

Queen Alba’s part-time job is being a night shift emergency medical technician (EMT). Yes, you read it right! The Queen of a country actually works a part-time job as an EMT. She might be one of the few monarchs in the world who has a regular job title outside her royal duties. Reports suggest that she is certified in emergency medical services and has been working in this field for several years. Her decision to become an EMT came from her desire to serve her community and be on the frontline of saving lives.

Furthermore, Queen Alba does not work as an EMT just for the publicity or to make headlines in the news. She genuinely loves her profession and helps people when they need it the most. She has a busy schedule to fulfill her royal obligations, but she manages to work 12-hour night shifts in the ambulance every month. Reports suggest that she has been involved in some challenging situations during her part-time job, including life-threatening emergencies, which is a testament to her bravery and dedication.

Most people wouldn’t expect a queen to be working a part-time job outside of their royal duties. However, Queen Alba is not just any Queen. She has the compassion for people to help in any way she can. Her decision to become an EMT and work a part-time job is not only inspiring, but it also sets the tone for other monarchs and political figures to invest their free time in serving the community for compassion’s sake.

Queen Alba’s decision to work as an EMT might seem unconventional for someone of her status. Still, it highlights an important message that we can all take away from it. We all have the ability to make a difference in our communities, whether we’re sovereign leaders or common people. Queen Alba’s service is a sign of her compassion and commitment to serving others, setting an example of other leaders who may not be as hands-on as she is.


Queen Alba is a true inspiration to people who know about her part-time job and how she serves as an EMT. Not only does she manage her royal obligations, but she also has enough luxury to take enough time out to help her people. Queen Alba could easily have delegated her role to someone else or even just rested in her castle, but she chose to do the opposite. Queen Alba is not only unconventional, but an excellent example of what all of us can accomplish when we serve others with compassion and dedication. Hopefully, other monarchs and political figures worldwide will take a page from Queen Alba’s book, using their time to serve their communities and make a difference in people’s lives.

By Richard