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We got a New Job Opening for Front-End Developer at Datamarx.

Full Details :
Company Name : Datamarx

Location : New York, NY

Position : Front-End Developer

Job Description : You found us!

We are actively looking to recruit development rockstars in the Greater New York area to join our fast-paced and rapidly growing team. Currently, we are looking bring onboard an epic Front-end developer to help take our mobile and desktop products to the next level!

About Datamarx
Over the last decade the internet has veered away from its original purpose as a tool for frictionless collaboration + morphed into primarily a source of exclamatory publishing, for linear commentary or entertainment purposes. Any attempts at creating a network community have resulted in the 90-9-1 rule—creating an unsustainable, top-heavy user base where less than 1% of users actively create new content, and the overwhelming majority (90%+) are passive viewers/consumers.

Datamarx is a digital economy, designed to democratize data collection and facilitate real-time collaborative decision-making. Merging the Invisible Hand of Adam Smith economics with the crowdsourcing potential of social and mobile, we have created a two-sided digital network that will revolutionize the producer-consumer dynamic.

Liquidity in this digital economy is powered by MARX…the world’s first social currency. Rather than being backed by sovereign credit, gold, or blockchains, MARX are backed by our world’s most valuable asset-class: Information.

Our software suite is comprised of our proprietary, cloud-based Data Management Platform + Native Mobile App (iOS and Android). Together, Datamarx forms a direct touch-point between producers and consumers—giving rise to the “prosumer” economics of tomorrow.
Role & Responsibilities

We are looking for development rockstars, people who can help take our digital products to the next level! A stand day in the life of a UI Dev at Datamarx consists of:
Developing high quality front-end interfaces for both Mobile and web applications

Working closely with the design team to ensure we always make beautiful products
Implementing new features and playing with cool ideas
Brain storming ways to continually better the interactions within our products
Leading in the charge in the development of our iOS and Android apps
Working closely with our data team to further develop the visual identity of our web based dashboard products.

As an experienced member of our growing development team you will be working under our Lead developer and CTO with emphasis being placed on the quality of all development outputs. As a member of Datamarx you will be invited to engage in our Agile environment consisting of frequent sprints & retrospectives to ensure our digital products are brought to life and rapidly shared with the outside world!

Skills & competencies

At least 3+ Years development experience
Familiarity and experience of developing iOS apps – Fluent in Swift
Familiarity and experience of developing Android apps – Fluent in Java
Experience working on a small team for software development projects and ability to work within the development framework established by the Lead Developer
Experience using a collaborative Integrated Development Environment
Experience using version control platforms
Experience creating code for interfacing with database structures – API development, including design, documentation, and implementation
Comprehensive testing and bug fixing
Proficient software development skills. Fluent in several programming languages and application protocols, which may include: Python; Java; JavaScript, Swift; Objective-C, HTTP; etc
Comfortable using MongoDB, perhaps via python

Desirable Skills:

Having an understanding of database tools, data models, and data structures, with detailed knowledge of at least some of the below:
Relational databases, including experience with Structured Query Language
(SQL), Comma Separated Values, etc
Non-SQL databases, e.g. MongoDB or similar
Familiarity with a range of data models, including: Flat; Hierarchical; Network; relational; document; Object-relational

Experience with human-readable data formats, e.g. ASCII and the like; machine-readable

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