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We got a New Job Opening for J2EE DEVELOPER at Info Keys.

Full Details :
Company Name : Info Keys

Location : 5005 W Royal Ln Ste 253, Irving, TX 75063


Job Description : Here are some of the reasons consultants prefer to work as part of our team.
Flexible Compensation
Salaried (full-time employee)
Contingency (hourly W2)
Independent (hourly incorporated)

Variety of Assignments
As our services span most technologies, a wide range of projects is always available.
Reputation for Integrity
Honesty always makes good sense. By simply being upright and straightforward, we earned a reputation for integrity.
Personal Attention
The relationship does not end when the consultant reaches the client site. Account representatives keep in close contact through semi-regular meetings with clients and consultants to insure the satisfaction of both parties and the success of the project.
5005 W Royal LN, SUITE 253,
IRVING, TX – 75063
: (800) 622 0405
: (509) 472 1637
Position: J2EE DEVELOPER – IRVING, TX – 75038.
Education: This position requires at least Bachelor degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering or other related fields.
Skills and experience involved:
Job location: 700 HIDDEN RIDGE, IRVING, TX – 75038.
Resumes: Mail to Info Keys, Inc., 5005 W Royal Lane , Suite 253, Irving, Texas 75063.
Job duties: • Work on current existing production defects and spool the logs and fix issues with new improving J2EE framework techniques to improve performance; • Develop User Interactive web pages in a professional manner by using web technologies like HTML/HTML5, CSS3 and React JS as per standards; • Create Single Page Application with loading multiple views using React route services and dynamic pages; • Develop and Implement Web Applications using React.js workflows (Redux-Saga or Redux) and data structure libraries (e.g., Immutable.js); and • Perform Integrations using Familiarity with RESTful APIs- and modern authorization mechanisms, such as JSON Web Token.

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