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We got a New Job Opening for Web Tool Developer – Electrical Distribution at Tesla.

Full Details :
Company Name : Tesla

Location : Palo Alto, CA

Position : Web Tool Developer – Electrical Distribution

Job Description : The Role
We are looking for an electrical engineer or application developer familiar with web based applications, cloud based deployment, and database management as well as with the process of designing a complex power distribution and communication system (i.e. vehicle schematics).

Work with LV harness team to understand schematic and drawing development processes and define requirements for applications to support this process
Work with broader engineering and service documentation teams to refine data sharing workflows and APIs between electrical distribution team and other teams
Participate in code review processes by providing and responding to review feedback
Write secure front-end code (HTML, CSS, and Javascript) to provide user interfaces for editing and viewing LV electrical system design data
Write secure back-end code to handle web requests, process data, interface databases, and connect to other system APIs to transfer data.
Write test code to ensure and maintain robust production code
Manage data in SQL databases (possibly other databases as well) both manually with a workbench or command line as well as with application code
Troubleshoot bugs
Document data models and various other code
Manage cloud deployment of applications via containers with support
Bachelor’s degree in engineering or evidence of equivalent experience and exceptional skills
2+ Years’ experience in web application development
Experience utilizing code versioning systems (ie. Bitbucket or GitHub)
Experience utilizing task/issue management systems (ie. Jira)
Demonstrated ability to manage complex data models in SQL databases
Excellent team and person-to-person communication skills
Preferred Qualifications
Ability to manage cloud application deployment
Experience with electronic hardware design environments

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By Richard