Oxford Academy located in Westbrook, CT is a co-educational independent boarding school for students in grades 9-12, offering a wide range of academic programs. The school instills the values of academic excellence, physical wellness, emotional wellness, and social responsibility in their students, creating well-rounded individuals. Oxford Academy takes a holistic approach to education, nurturing individual development through programs in academics, athletics, arts, music, and community service.

At Oxford Academy, learning is not just confined to the classrooms. The school offers a variety of programs designed to nurture multiple intelligences, and provide hands-on learning opportunities. Students are encouraged to explore new areas of interest and develop their skills in various fields. The academy also offers AP courses, college-level classes, and internships, making it easier for students to get a head start on college or their future careers. With innovative teaching methodologies and advanced technology, students are able to tailor their learning experience to meet their individual needs and interests.

One such program available at Oxford Academy is the Engineering Design Program. It is designed to provide students with an opportunity to learn and develop the creative and technical skills necessary to design, prototype, and construct original projects. Students gain a deeper understanding of the engineering design process as they work on projects, presentations, and discussions. With access to state-of-the-art equipment and tools, students are able to push the boundaries of their creativity and develop their problem-solving skills. The program is open to all Oxford Academy students and is an excellent pathway for anyone aspiring to a career in engineering.

Additionally, Oxford Academy emphasizes the importance of physical wellness and sportsmanship. The school offers a diverse range of athletic programs, including soccer, basketball, tennis, and track & field. These sports not only provide an opportunity for students to excel in their chosen sport, but also encourage teamwork, discipline, and good sportsmanship. Students also have access to an extensive fitness center, a rock-climbing wall, and an indoor swimming pool. This helps promote an active lifestyle and is beneficial for mental and physical health.

The arts and music programs also play an important role at Oxford Academy. The school offers various programs in theater, dance, music, and visual arts. These programs help cultivate creativity, foster artistic expression, and build self-confidence. Additionally, students have the opportunity to showcase their talents in various performances and events throughout the school year. These programs not only enrich the educational experience at Oxford Academy, but also help students develop a sense of artistic appreciation.

Finally, Oxford Academy encourages social responsibility and community service. Students are expected to take an active role in serving their community, and are encouraged to participate in various community service programs. Students are provided with numerous opportunities to volunteer and work in local organizations and charities. This not only helps create a positive impact on society but also builds empathy, respect, and compassion.


Oxford Academy, CT offers a comprehensive learning experience that emphasizes the importance of both academic excellence and personal development. The school provides students with the opportunity to explore their interests and develop their skills in various fields through a range of diverse programs. With wonderful learning facilities, a strong emphasis on physical wellness and sportsmanship, and extensive opportunities for artistic expression and community service, Oxford Academy empowers students to become well-rounded individuals with a spirit of innovation and creativity.

By Richard