When the talks are about holsters, how can guns stay away from the discussion? A gun is a firearm that works on principles of mechanical energy. Back in time, small guns were capable of taking lives, but they were unfit for wars. Today machine guns are used, and can take thousands of lives within minutes. Guns need holsters, and there are various positions for carrying a gun in a holster, and the shoulder is one of the most dramatic ways of carrying a gun. And to carry that gun on your shoulder, you would need a leather shoulder holster. 

Weapons and world

But before going deep into the discussion about leather shoulder holster, you need to contemplate a few points. Technological advancement is going on in every field, firearms are no exception. But, this is the worst area of advancement. Firearms are a threat to mankind. We have come so far, that it is impossible to work in this world without weapons. The moment a country becomes weapon-free, other countries attack it and capture it. Thus, weapons are a necessary evil. Biological weapons and nuclear weapons are something to be afraid of. You might be thinking that why do we need to fear them? A simple explanation that can answer your question is if a small gun is capable of taking several lives, what can a biological or a nuclear weapon do? Just imagine. 

Defend yourself

As life has no undo command, we will have to do whatever society demands. And society demands that every person should be capable of defending himself. There are several countries where people carry a gun for self-defence, and there are countries where people don’t even carry a stick for defence. And in countries where guns are owned by most, you must have a holster for that gun. Because if you carry a gun without a holster, it will cause trouble for you. A gun without a holster is dangerous. It will be open to misuse by others. 

Where to use a leather shoulder holster

If you are in public, to conceal carry your firearm, you should have an over-the-waistband holster, or inside the waistband holster. If you are in a jungle, on a trip, or you are the one who is given the responsibility to protect the group. A leather shoulder holster, is the best thing you can own for the situations mentioned above. The thing about leather holsters is that they allow you to protect your gun from dust and other unwanted materials.

 How to use a leather shoulder holster

A leather shoulder holster gives a classic look to you. If you happen to wear a suit with a leather shoulder holster, your looks will be worthy enough to stare at. If you decide to own a shoulder holster, keep in mind that you cannot wear it wherever you want. If you got someone behind you, do not wear a shoulder holster. There are chances that your weapon may get misused. If the situations demand you to wear a shoulder holster in public, make sure that the holster and the gun are kept hidden. Wear a waistcoat, a blazer or a jacket over your holster, you can keep the zip or the buttons open, but make sure you cover your holster with some wearable.

By Richard